Branding, Web Design, UX
As a new business, Wine Not Art required assistance establishing their brand and digital footprint. Wine Not Art offers its clients life drawing classes with a twist: wine tasting while you draw the nude model. Differing from standard art classes, their class is designed as a one off team building activity for corporate clients as well as hens/general parties, utilizing quick and fun drawing techniques. They differ from their competitors by mixing cheeky & fun with sophistication and class. Commencing with the branding and logo design, we tried to allude to three main themes: life drawing, wine and sophistication. The colour palette is simple: red, white and black. The website aims to display a concise flow of information, answering all common questions a visitor might want to ask this peculiar activity. Pricing is likewise laid out clearly, with a custom calculator to help users create a perfect package to suit their budgets.
Client:Wine Not Art
Project Date:2020